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Maximize your Access Control


Adding cameras at entry points and critical areas is a cost effective way to maximize your guard or security service and create a virtual force multiplier. A couple of guards or security personnel can easily monitor a vast area with ease. Cameras now easily integrate with access control software to provide both a report of daily activity and a visual record, all stored digitally for later review.


Check in on your business from anywhere


Most of our surveillance cameras are fully networkable and with assignable passcodes can be viewed remotely from practically anywhere on devices like laptops, tablets and smart phones. Video archives may also be accessed and viewed remotely. They are easily retrieved and archived for forensic use as necessary, providing a permanent record of any incident or event.


Training and Support


Our clients are fully trained in the operation and use of their systems. And, we offer fast, professional support if you have questions or need an on site visit from one of our experienced technicians. Trust TCS to protect your assets.


Call us today at 910 484 0700 for a FREE site inspection and estimate today.



Commercial CCTV


Installing a professional video surveillance system is a major step towards protecting your company’s assets. Studies have shown that active video systems are one of the most effective deterrents in preventing employee theft, when they know the cameras are watching.


Cameras mounted outside a building are excellent deterrents to break-ins or vandalism. Today’s technology even allows the cameras to detect motion within their areas of coverage and notify guards or trip recorders.