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Residential Security


Taylored Control Systems (TCS) installs, services and monitors top of the line security systems for your home or small business. We have almost every accessory or option that you would need to customize the system and meet your needs perfectly… at a price that’s bound to make you smile!


It is hard to explain the peace of mind that having an active security system in the home can bring, but, “feeling” safe, and “being” safe are often two very different things. Being an “Installation Based” company, rather than a “Sales Based” company, TCS stands ready to back up those secure feelings with a system expertly designed to provide “real” protection. Don’t just “feel safe”… Be Safe! Call or contact TCS today!



Committed to your Satisfaction


Our trained and knowledgeable security representatives will take the time to explain every facet and option available to educate you in making the best decisions for your new system. Our goal is to make you both knowledgeable and comfortable about the design and use of your new system.


The Latest in Top Technology


We offer the absolute best products from intrusion alarms, video surveillance, and locking devices to secure your family…. even if you are not there. An example of how the system works in your absence can be seen on the smart phone to the left. You will know when your family comes and goes from virtually any computerized device. For more information on what our systems can do for you, click on the link below.


Security Systems


These smart systems can alert you to potential threats or intruders before they have and opportunity to do your family harm. From wireless security cameras, exterior sensors, and motion sensing floodlights, it is simple to provide detection and warning long before situations become serious.



Most systems rely on direct wire connections to components and hard wire or cable for monitoring response which can easily be compromised by cutting the lines. TCS systems can protect your home with a fully wireless system that will protect any home, whether it has a phone or not, no line to cut. Your family will be protected at all times!



World Class Monitoring


Professional monitoring is the crowning touch to your home security system. It provides a fast, professional, response to any activation of your system. Unlike small, locally owned stations, our National Class partner Dynamark provides a far superior response through better operator staffing, training, and absolute state of the art equipment and facilities. With multiple facilities in different states, local catastrophes like earthquakes, floods or power outages don’t affect your monitoring because the system is fully redundant, meaning the separate stations cover for each other. Real peace of mind.


Video Surveillance


Raise the security of your property exponentially by adding one or more cameras that you may access by special apps on any web based computer or smartphone device. Private codes allow you access to view areas of concern 24/7.


Secure Your Home


With TCS Fire and Security, your family, home and valuables are kept safe. “Real” peace of mind based on an incredible system installed and serviced by the area’s top installation company….. TCS!


Call 910 484 0700 now to learn how TCS Fire and Security can help you put your mind at ease or fill out the contact form on this site and we will quickly get back with you.