Summer Savings Made Easy with Smart Home Security

Summer Savings with Home Security
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It seems like energy bills get higher every summer, don’t they? This year, they may actually be higher because of Americans staying home more. The only solution is to apply some common sense energy saving measures, and that can be tough when everyone in the family is coming and going all day long. Fortunately, you won’t have to become a security guard for your household thermostat; instead, you can save money and energy by automating your home’s energy mechanisms.

You can do this with a smart home system, which features ENERGY STAR ® certified smart technology for your thermostat. Here’s what this system can do for you.

Save energy automatically when you leave home. 

A common home cooling mistake is leaving the AC on when you’re not there. A smart thermostat prevents this by setting itself back when your house is empty. With Geo-Services, which uses your smartphone as a trigger to automatically adjust your thermostat based on its location, your thermostat will know when you’re leaving and reset accordingly. The result is an end to overcooling the house when nobody’s home, which means saved money in your pocket.

Stop cooling down the entire neighborhood. 

When you leave a door or window open, your air conditioning escapes the house – and chances are, you don’t intend to cool down the whole neighborhood. But with a smart thermostat that’s connected to your security system, the thermostat will know when a door or window is left open.
It will respond by pausing your AC automatically, and you can program your system to receive an alert when this happens so you can close the door. Once it’s closed, the AC returns to normal.

Get your lights connected and automated.

Lightbulbs have come a long way in terms of energy efficiency – but until your lights are automated, there is still a certain amount of waste happening. But when you invest in smart lights, connect them to your home security system and use your smart home security app to control them, your lights can be turned on and off automatically. You can program this by the time of day or by whether or not you’re home. There’s also a feature called Scenes that allows you to manage your lighting and thermostat together (along with your security system, of course). Connecting and automating your lights is a powerful way to cut down on energy costs.
These are some great ways a smart home system can help you save energy and money this summer. To learn more, contact TCS Fire & Security. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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